Stainless Steel Water Filters

Clean Water is one of the most fundamental basic needs of any human being. However, difficulties arise when trying to get clean water for domestic or industrial use. Water filters are equipment that enables the purification of water through physical, chemical and biological processes. A stainless steel water filter is the best type of water filter because stainless steel is corrosive resistant which makes it suitable for performing chemical and biological processes without side effects.

There are different types of water filters that are used to perform various types of water purification. Water purification enables the delivery of quality water with no health or other implications.

How do metal water filters work?

Metal water filters use different techniques in purifying water. The first technique is called activated carbon. This is a technique that gets rid of aesthetic impurities and removes health contaminants such as the organic components that are volatile. The molecular structure of activated carbon enables it to have the best absorption such that it can is able to collect a large number of organic molecules on its surface. The technique has limited side effects and works efficiently to purify water.

Another way of water filtering is by aluminium activation. Aluminium activation is quite similar to carbon activation but it involves the activation of aluminium. Aluminium activation enables the removal of various compounds that may be present in the contaminated water to produce clean water for usage. The third method that is highly essential and is also applied in water purification is anion and cation exchange. This method involves the actual chemical exchange between anions and cations to remove unwanted substances in water.

A good example of cation exchange is the removal of calcium cations that causes hardness in water and replacing them with two sodium cations. This reduces water hardness and enhances water purification. The above methods combined with other water disinfection techniques such as chlorination, microfiltration, distillation and reverse osmosis are put together and produce one effective process of water filtration.

Stainless still water filters are the most effective water filters because the nature of the material prevents any interference in the water purification process from corrosion. Other metal equipment when used to make water filters may produce inaccurate results due to the reaction between the metal surfaces and the compounds that are used for purifying water.

How do stainless steel filter cartridges work?

Stainless steel filter cartridges have distinctive features that help them to adapt to their working environment. They help to hold the water filter and make them work effectively. One of these features is the ability to withstand high temperatures. Water purification may sometimes involve a process that requires a high temperature. Stainless steel cartridges are able to withstand these temperatures and provide the best protection ever. The other feature that makes them able to perform their work well is the ability to withstand high pressure. Stainless steel cartridges have been scientifically proven to withstand a pressure of up to 60psi.

The above adaptation helps the stainless steel hold the water filter effectively which is essentially its work

How to select the best stainless steel water filters and suppliers?

With the rising awareness of water purification and water filtration, many people have ventured into this business of water purification by supplying purification products. However, in order to make the correct decision on which supplier to choose for water purification the following aspects of the supplier needs to be put into consideration.

1. Your filter need

First, it is particularly advisable to consider your need before even approaching any supplier. This gives one a clear picture in mind of the type of supplier who will be suitable for the supply. For example, if you want a large scale supply of equipment, you cannot choose a supplier who deals with the supply of retail equipment because he/she may not have the effective capital to do that.

2. Supplier’s knowledge about the products supplied

Most water filters suppliers are just business-minded fellows with the aim of making a profit. However, when choosing a supplier for Stainless steel water filters, the supplier’s knowledge about the products comes first. A supplier with perfect knowledge of the product will be able to demonstrate the usage of the water filter, educate the buyers on the advantages and disadvantages of using the product and provide after-sales services. Stainless steel water filter suppliers should possess this main character.

3. Honesty

Most Stainless steel water filters suppliers are online-based. The purchase of equipment is done through order for one to make a sound decision on which supplier to buy from, it is essential to go through various customer reviews of the supplier and evaluate the honesty of the site. Also, it is vital to ask for expert opinions and analysis for those people who have previous experience when handling the site.

4. Certification

Lastly, Stainless steel water filters supplies should have relevant certification from the manufacturer of the product you want to buy. With the rise in the production of counterfeits goods, many consumers have been corned and forced to buy fake products from the supplier. So when choosing a supplier of Stainless steel water filters, look at the manufacturer certification first.

How to Buy Stainless Steel Water Purifiers

After identifying the e-commerce product you want to buy from the next step involves the actual buying of the product. To buy the stainless steel water purifiers login into the e-commerce website and select the product you want to buy. Add the product to the shopping cart and proceed to make payment through pay pal or any other form of electronic payment. When all the transaction is complete, a notification is sent to your email to show you paid for the product and then you wait for the delivery of the product.

How to change a stainless steel whole house water filter?

Changing a whole house water filter is very easy first turn your water supply off, after that, you release the water pressure on the line before you unscrew the holder. After unscrewing the holder, remove the old filter and fix the new one. Fix the other parts of the system and test whether the new filter is working. If it is not working, redo the exercise or consult the experts.


The above are the essentials of Stainless steel water filters that any user needs to know before acquiring the product.